Why We Charge a Consultation Fee

Pollard Plastic Surgery charges a consultation fee of $100 for all new patients and $50 for established patients because our consultation has value. We believe that a cosmetic consultation should be a professional medical evaluation that:

  • Allows a patient the opportunity to fully discuss their physical concerns
  • Provides a meaningful assessment of a patient’s goals
  • Reviews the patient’s medical history
  • Includes a physical exam to determine the appropriate treatment
  • Offers an opportunity to educate the patient
  • Discusses alternative treatment plans, if applicable, and the pros and cons of each plan
  • Determines the appropriate treatment plan (sometimes no treatment is the best plan)
  • Answers a person’s questions
  • Addresses a person’s concerns
  • Provides a detailed financial plan for to the treatment plan(s)


“In this world, you get what you pay for.” – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.


The following is taken from a booklet by Mark Sugar entitled “A Guide to Choosing a Good Plastic Surgeon” (published 1990):

“Doctors usually charge a consultation fee for your first visit, which may be as much as $150 or more (but is applied against your surgery fees), but the amount of their initial consultation fee should not really play a role in deciding who you consult. After all, you will presumably be spending thousands of dollars on surgery which could cost many more thousands to try to correct elsewhere if done poorly, so an extra two or three hundred dollars in consultation fees should not be a basis for narrowing the field. I thought I was saving money by consulting with six doctors who charged no initial fee, but in hindsight realize that the best doctor was the seventh one who charged a $75 fee (he ended up correcting part of my botched surgery). I feel that doctors who charge no consultation fee use it as a sales tool to attract clients while those that charge a fee may be relying more on their reputations.”

We look forward to being able to provide an excellent consultation and surgical experience for you. When you schedule a surgery with Pollard Plastic Surgery, we will deduct the cost of your consultation from the cost of your surgery making your consultation free!