Understanding Liposuction for Men

Liposuction for men is the most common plastic surgery procedure.  It is a great way for men to sculpt parts of their body that are resistant to weight loss regimes.  Liposuction for men is not a replacement for weight loss, because large quantities of fat are not removed, but strategically located fat is removed, allowing a trimmer, more sculpted look.  It is recommended that men who wish to undergo any type of body sculpting procedure, whether it be liposuction or tummy tuck or the like, undergo a weight loss regime so that they are as close to their target weight as possible.  This makes the liposuction for men as efficient and effective as possible.

There are a variety of locations on the body that are suitable for liposuction.  Men with evenly distributed body fat in the chest area may benefit from male breast reduction surgery involving liposuction, although this type of problem may also require the removal of enlarged glandular tissue in this area.  Having both fat and glandular tissue is treatable.

Abs, arms, neck, and chin are also all very common areas that can benefit from the sculpting effects of liposuction.   Liposuction for men is also done on other parts of the body, depending on the need of each patient.

Liposuction is a procedure that in its present basic incarnation was developed in the 1970’s.  A small cannula (tube) with suction attached was used to selectively remove fat in strategic locations.  It did not become a widely used procedure until the 1980’s.  At that time, a group of surgeons discovered a way to reduce the bleeding issues that made it unsafe to use before that time.  A technique called tumescent liposuction was developed, which involved injecting a large amount of anesthetic and epinephrine, which are used to reduce pain and constrict blood vessels, respectively.  The fluid itself makes the fat tissues harder (hence tumescent) which makes the fat easier to remove with the cannula.

The most recent techniques of liposuction for men build upon the tumescent liposuction techniques.  They involve lasers, ultrasound, and even powered cannulas to make the process quicker, more efficient, and more effective, depending on the patient, the body part, and the nature of the fat in the chosen location.  Plastic surgeons now have the option of choosing their techniques based on the aesthetics they seek, and on the variety and versatility of available techniques.  All of the techniques reduce blood loss like the tumescent technique, which is so effective that it is still in wide use.

Patients with questions about liposuction for men are encouraged to contact Dr. Emily Pollard of Pollard Plastic Surgery. Dr. Pollard has embraced the ultrasonic liposuction technology and has excellent results with it. Dr. Pollard is skilled in a variety of techniques and is happy to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals.