The Best Plastic Surgeon – Philadelphia

Who is the best plastic surgeon Philadelphia has to offer?  Dr. Emily Pollard is the best plastic surgeon Philadelphia has to offer.

Plastic surgery can be a controversial and confusing surgical specialty, because it covers such a variety of procedures and techniques, from non-invasive to invasive, and from necessary to elective.  Plastic surgeons do some of the finest most meticulous reconstructive and aesthetic work amongst all of the surgical sub specialties.  Surgeries range from reconstructive hand surgeries to breast lifts and augmentations, and from blepharoplasties to liposuction.  Some patients go to a plastic surgeon for elective surgeries, and some plastic surgeons go to a patient because the patient has facial trauma that needs reconstruction on an emergency basis.

Finding a good plastic surgeon can be an intimidating and confusing prospect.  It is important to find one that a patient has a good rapport with, who listens and communicates well, and who puts a patient at ease.  This is important for any doctor patient relationship.  However, before a patient starts booking consultations with a plastic surgeon, there is some research they can do to narrow down their search to find the best plastic surgeon Philadelphia wide for their individual needs.

The first step to finding a good plastic surgeon is to check to see if they are a board certified plastic surgeon.  Philadelphia, as well as the rest of the country has no requirements for surgeons to be board certified in a specialty to perform a procedure.  Being certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is a good sign.  It means that the surgeon has passed rigorous testing and review of their clinical track record.  The board website lists all of its certified members.  Dr. Emily Pollard of Pollard Plastic Surgery in Bala Cynwyd is a American Board of Plastic Surgery and an American Board of Surgery certified plastic surgeon.  Philadelphia and its surrounds is convenient to the Bala Cynwyd location.

Another place to check is the state medical board website, to see if there are any cases pending against a surgeon before booking an appointment.

The next thing a patient should look for is whether the plastic surgeon in question has done many of the procedures a patient wants.  The next question to ask is, when was the last time the plastic surgeon performed the procedure in question.

The last basic question to ask a plastic surgeon before booking an initial appointment is where a plastic surgeon has hospital privileges.  Most hospitals screen their surgeons before allowing hospital privileges, including their safety record.

Dr. Pollard has hospital privileges in several area hospitals, and has performed hundreds of procedures. Please call Pollard Plastic Surgery to ask about the procedure you are interested in, and to get the best care from the best plastic surgeon Philadelphia has to offer.