B. M. V.

Dear Emily:

I am grateful for your donation of the gift certificate.  As you know, Main Line Health Systems Women’s Health source has a table at the Wellness Fair for Laurel House.  Laurel House is a facility that provides support services for abused women.  Your gift certificates will be used as a raffle item at the Wellness Fair.  I appreciate your support of both Women’s Health Source and Laurel House.  I hope you are wll and that your practice continues to thrive.

Warm regards,

B. R. B.

Dear Dr. Pollard:

“The dictionary is full of words of every length and kind.  But sometimes words that say enough are very hard to find.  So, remember as you’re looking at this thank you note today, the gratitude its bringing you means more than words can say!

I look at myself and I am positively amazed.  I thank you so very, very much.  Please anticipate a call from one of my college classmates and dear friend, L. M. B.  She could hear my excitement through the phone.

With much appreciation,

W. G. B.

Dear Emily:

Thank you for your participation in the 2008 Medical Society of Eastern Pennsylvania (MSEP) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) AIM Summer Intern Program.  As we complete our sixteenth successful ear we look forward to the continued growth and expansion of the program.  Inspired by the comments from the intern and physicians our goal is to infuse, strengthen and secure the future existence of this meaningful program.

Emily, please contact me if you have comments or suggestions.  Enclosed please find information and deadlines for the 2009 program.  Encourage any eligible students to apply.  Thank you for your consideration and continued participation in this program.


M. B.

Dear Dr. Pollard,

On behalf of the Center for Innovation in Science Learning, we thank you for making the Careers in Science event at The Franklin Institute a success!  On Wednesday, March 5th over 250 high school students and teachers were very positive.  From our college information panel, to discussions with professionals, we offered high school students a variety of opportunities to acquire information and ask questions about careers in science, college admissions, college search resources, financial aid, and more.

We hope to continue this annual event for teens in our area.  Our sincere thanks to you for being a part of its enduring success!

We have enclosed complimentary museum passes for you with hopes that you will visit us again soon and enjoy the museum.


T. C.

Dr. Pollard,

Happy Holidays! I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the understanding, patience and caring nature that you have given to me over the 3+ years that I have been your patient.  It’s funny how “physical flaws” can take so much away from a person.  Thanks to you and through you, I am able to capture those pieces of life that were taken away.  I look forward to a new year of confidence and understand a beauty-both inside and out.  Thank you again for everything. 

Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season, New year and continued health.

K. H.

Dear Dr. Pollard:

On behalf of the American Cancer Society and the Women of Faith and Hope, we want to thank you for volunteering at the 12th Annual Sisters Surviving Breast Cancer…A Celebration of Life.  Your volunteer spirit and assistance helped make this event, celebrating our twelfth anniversary, special as well as successful.  Volunteers like you ensure that no one has to face cancer lone.

Once again, thank you for your assistance at the conference.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season


N. L., Founder of Women of Faith and Hope

K. H., American Cancer Society Community Cancer Control Specialist

D. J.

Dr. Pollard,

Words cannot express my appreciation for your skill.  The patience from you and your staff meant a lot to me.  You are a kind and considerate person which qualifies you as a great doctor.  Not as good doctor.  I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted off of me, literally…


E. J.

Dr. Dr. Pollard,

Thank you for participating again this year for the Design your Best Life event!  I hope you had a great experience and that we could work together on more projects reaching Women’s Health Source members.  Thank you for all you do for women in the community.


S. S.

Dear Dr. Pollard,

Thank you so much for helping me.  Already I feel so much better with myself.  What you did is something I will value and appreciate forever.  You really are amazing at what you do and not only that, you helped me feel comfortable with my decision.  And I could not be happier I did it.  You have helped change the way others and I view myself and I am so thankful!


K. S.

Dear Dr. Pollard,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your wonderful stall for helping me through what I thought would be a terrifying and painful experience.

From the initial consult, I was relieved and set at ease, confident and assured that my fears were unfounded (probably because of you)

The work is excellent, and it was a great pleasure having met you and being treated by you was an excellent experience.

Very truly yours,