Targeting Resistance: When Diet and Exercise Are Not Enough

Have you been exercising more, without seeing appreciable results? Or maybe you’ve been shying away from short sleeves, short skirts, or cinched waistlines? When it comes to storing fat, it seems our genes play more of a role than diet and exercise. Double chins and wide hips are passed down from one generation to the next. Despite rigorous exercise regimens, it is almost impossible to spot-reduce certain fat deposits And, it can be frustrating to spend hours at the gym and without ever reaping the desired results.

Because liposuction requires only a small incision and there are no stitches, it is an effective way to remove those bulges that won’t budge. While liposuction is not an alternative to weight reduction, it can be very effective in removing fat from areas that do not respond to diet or exercise. The most commonly treated areas include the hips, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Liposuction is also effective for reducing fat deposits from chins, backs , cheeks, and upper arms.

There are many reasons patients consider liposuction. For some women, who workout often, but are unable to lose stubborn fat, it is a way to target special areas. Some men are embarrassed by fat accumulations in the breast area. And, many people use liposuction in addition to facial rejuvenation procedures.

VASER® Lipo, also known as LipoSelection®, is an advanced body contouring procedure that selectively removes unwanted body fat.  An alternative to traditional liposuction, VASER Lipo uses an advanced, ultrasound technology designed to gently reshape your body.  What distinguishes the VASER Lipo from other procedure is its ability to differentiate fat from connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels.

How does VASER Lipo work?
First, the area being reshaped is filled with a special saline solution that helps numb the site and shrink the blood vessels (to minimize blood loss and reduce bruising). A small probe transmits sound energy (similar to that used for cataract removal from the eye).  Finally, liquefied fat is removed through a gentle suction process designed to minimize damage to surrounding tissues.

What body areas are treated with VASER Lipo?
Abdomen, thighs, knees, buttocks, hips, back, arms, male and female breasts, love handles, chin, neck areas and just about any other body part you need treated.

Where is VASER Lipo performed?
Typically, VASER Lipo is performed either in a surgery center or in my office under local anesthesia.

How soon will I see results? 
This varies with the extent of the procedure. Many patients report results immediately after the procedure, with the final result at around 3 to 6 months.  It is important to discuss your expectations during your consultation with me.

Is VASER Lipo is right for me?
If you are healthy and seeking a fast, low-pain solution to stubborn fat deposits, especially those that are resistant to diet and exercise, VASER Lipo could be right for you. Schedule an appointment today to discuss potential areas for sculpting, anticipated results, and the recovery process.

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