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Will a Breast Lift Decrease My Breast Size?

Breast Lift in Philadelphia, PAThe breast lift is one of the most well-known and popular plastic surgery procedures nowadays. That being said, there are still many misconceptions around the procedure and what it can do for our patients. Let’s take a deeper dive into the breast lift, so you know exactly what you can expect during and after your surgery.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a surgical cosmetic procedure that involves enhancing the shape and position of the breasts on the chest without adding or removing any volume. This means that a breast lift can rejuvenate the appearance of your chest without affecting your overall bra size or the size of your breasts. Patients who receive a breast lift typically wish to have breasts that better suit their natural frame without drastically changing their overall appearance.

What are the Benefits of a Breast Lift?

There are many benefits to receiving a breast lift with Dr. Emily Pollard, including:

  • Enhances the overall shape of the breast
  • Lifts the breasts on the chest for a more youthful appearance
  • Does not add volume to the breasts or use breast implants
  • Does not take away from the volume of the breasts or make them smaller

What’s the Difference Between a Breast Lift and Breast Reduction?

Patients who are looking to get a breast lift are typically worried that they will end up losing some volume in their breasts. In reality, patients who wish to remove volume from their breasts will need a breast reduction. Unlike a breast lift, a breast reduction removes excess fat and breast tissue from the breasts to reduce their overall size while enhancing their shape and position on the chest. A breast lift, however, does not remove this fat or tissue resulting in the same size breasts that have a more youthful shape and position.

Can I Get a Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation at the Same Time?

Yes, you can absolutely get a breast lift and breast augmentation at the same time. For patients who are concerned about maintaining their original volume, we sometimes encourage small breast implants to be introduced into the chest during surgery. This will ensure that the patient has the extra, full volume they desire when rejuvenating the appearance of their chest. If you feel this may be the right option for you, we encourage you to ask Dr. Emily Pollard during your private consultation.

Is a Breast Lift Right for Me?

If you’re looking for a procedure to enhance the overall shape and position of your breasts without affecting their natural volume, a breast lift may be right for you. The best way to find out if a breast lift is right for you is to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Pollard. She’ll be happy to sit down with you, listen to you concerns, and develop a fully personalized treatment plan to help you reach your ultimate aesthetic goals.

We hope we were able to answer some of your questions about the breast lift. If you still want to learn more about the procedure, or believe you’re a good candidate for a breast lift, contact us to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Emily Pollard today. We are also offering virtual consultations, so you can get all of your questions answered in the comfort and safety of your very own home.

What to Expect from a Mommy Makeover

Having a child can be one of the most rewarding and incredible times in a woman’s life. However, it can also be extremely demanding on the body. Combine hormonal fluctuations with post-baby body changes, and you may be longing to get your body back! Despite healthy eating habits during and after pregnancy, hormonal changes play a role in affecting weight in the thigh and stomach regions. Many women also experience changes in their breasts such as decreased or increased volume. Although these physical changes may seem insurmountable, there is hope. One option for success is the Mommy Makeover.

What is a Mommy Makeover?Mommy Makeover in Philadelphia, PA

A Mommy Makeover is a personalized combination of procedures designed to restore the patient’s body from the physical stressors of childbirth. Some of the procedure options include:

  • Breast augmentation, lift or reduction- These procedures help to restore volume and shape to the breasts.
  • Tummy TuckThis procedure removes excess fat and skin, helping to create a smoother and firmer abdomen.
  • Liposuction- This procedure removes excess fat deposits from specific areas of the body.
  • Non-Invasive Skin Tightening- This procedure uses a laser to tighten loose skin.

Mommy Makeover Expectations

Dr. Pollard meets with each patient to ensure a Mommy Makeover experience that is in alignment with the patient’s personalized goals for the surgery and her body. Being a mom means that you are always on the go and juggling a million different things at once. This procedure will require you to slow down, but it will not keep you off your feet for too long. Most women return to their daily activities within two to six weeks of the procedure. It is advised to avoid all forms of exercise and heavy lifting for approximately six weeks. It is vital to arrange for support at home to help with everyday tasks to give yourself time to make a full and quick recovery.

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If you have questions regarding a Mommy Makeover, contact Pollard Plastic Surgery to learn more about options and treatments. Start your journey towards reclaiming your body today.

Help, I want my body back!


Help, I want my body back! This is a common statement made by women who have had children and know all too well the physical toll of childbirth. Mommy Makeover refers to a combination of aesthetic procedures that are designed to reverse the physical damage caused by childbirth.  Mommy Makeover has received a 97% Worth It rating on RealSelf (based upon 2,762 respondents over 24 months).

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Many women experience:

  • increased belly fat that does not improve with weight loss
  • weak abdominal muscles that do not improve with exercise.
  • skin loosening on the belly and breast area
  • stretch marks on the belly and breast
  • increased volume of breast tissue
  • decreased volume of breast tissue
  • enlarged nipples

Mommy Makeovers generally combine breast and body procedures.

                Breast Procedures                                           Body Procedures

Breast Lift                                                         Liposuction

Breast Augmentation                                     Tummy Tuck

Breast Reduction                                             Non-Invasive Skin Tightening


Mommy Makeover in Philadelphia, PASince every woman is unique and has specific goals there is a wide of the cost of a Mommy Makeover. The cost of a mommy makeover depends on the many variables for each person that giving one solid price just doesn’t make sense. This is because the plastic surgeon is working on reversing the effects of being a mommy on each individual. The surgeon may also be reversing the effects of age, large amounts of weight loss, old scars, and all manner of other damage that life offers. The plastic surgeon is also working based on the preference for the final result of the aesthetic procedures. On top of all of that, other factors such as the genetics of each individual change how things will heal, and how they remodel during that process. A plastic surgeon must design the strategies for each person based on all of these factors, and so there is not a fixed cost of a Mommy Makeover.


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