Skin Resurfacing…the Non-invasive choice

Is your skin wrinkly, blotchy or dull? Dr. Pollard and her licensed aestheticians offer skin resurfacing treatments that can improve not only wrinkles, but also skin texture and color. We offer an array of skin resurfacing treatments including chemical peels and dermabrasion, but microdermabrasion is a great alternative to more invasive and expensive procedures.


Microdermabrasion is a procedure that revitalizes dull skin and shrinks enlarged pores. It helps erase fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars while reducing mild pigment irregularities. Skin glows, looking younger and healthier. Combined with a skin care regimen prescribed by our aestheticians, your skin can appear close to flawless. Microdermabrasion is painless and does not require anesthetic if performed in Dr. Pollard’s office. It is effective on all skin types and colors and has the fewest side effects of all skin resurfacing procedures.

How does Skin Resurfacing Work?

Skin Resurfacing is a treatment that removes the topmost layer of skin, leaving it rejuvenated. The procedure also stimulates elastic tissue in the skin, resulting in a healthier and firmer tone. Skin Resurfacing with the microdermabrasion Skin Resurfacing treatment makes an excellent alternative to chemical peels. It is painless and lets you get back to normal activities immediately after the treatment.

Microdermabrasion is useful for conditions like acne. It reduces oiliness and helps remove superficial acne scars and extract blackheads and whiteheads. microdermabraision also enhances the overall health of your skin. You will notice reduced age spots and less blotchy skin, with renewed beauty on your face, face, neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs. The DiamondTone™ system, used in our office, is regarded by leading plastic surgeons as being more effective and gentle than other exfoliating options. Patients will notice that although the results are gradual, they are highly effective.

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