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Plastic Surgery Philadelphia

Looking for cosmetic or plastic surgery? Philadelphia residents have a singular opportunity to get one of the very highest caliber plastic surgeons anywhere. Dr. Emily Pollard of Pollard Plastic Surgery in Bala Cynwyd offers a variety state of the art plastic surgery. Philadelphia and the surrounding areas are convenient to the office location. Cosmetic surgery is often used interchangeably with the term plastic surgery, but both terms are often used to describe surgery that changes an aesthetic value of the body, whether removing or reducing baggy eyelids or saggy stomachs. The surgeon and staff at Pollard Plastic Surgery Philadelphia offer the highest levels of skill and customer service, in fact, it is the core philosophy of Pollard Plastic Surgery to offer the best and most compassionate plastic surgery experience anywhere.

Wondering about the different types of plastic surgery? People in Philadelphia and surrounding areas can have their plastic surgery questions answered thoroughly, so that the most informed decision making is possible. Plastic surgery can involve both returning form and returning function. It can be used for reconstruction after car accidents and breast cancer surgeries, or to solve the cosmetic problems that mommies find after their bodies have undergone pregnancy. Numerous different procedures are available to treat the mildest to most severe problems. Breast reconstruction surgeries after breast cancer removal can return a disfigured chest to natural breast. These surgeries are many, and the particular details are chosen to suit each patient. They can go so far as to involve cutting the midline attachment of a flap of muscle from the back, but leaving its nerve and blood supplies intact, and swinging it under the armpit, using it as supporting tissue to hold an implant in place. This allows the reconstruction of a natural looking and feeling breast in a place where there was very little left by the surgery out of necessity. Many other techniques of lesser scope are available to solve smaller problems.

Tummy tucks are a common plastic surgery procedure. They are so popular because a full tummy tuck can solve a multitude of problems above and below the belly button. There is also a mini tummy tuck that does not involve an incision around the belly button, but does not significantly tighten the area above the navel. These procedures are at the invasive end of the spectrum of what can be done for a flabby and/or stretch marked abdomen, and liposuction has become a common middle of the road option for individuals who don’t want an invasive procedure with significant scarring, but want to sculpt their bodies. Liposuction is just that, a way to lightly sculpt by removing superficial fat in strategic areas, to help make areas look tighter and toned. Liposuction gives far less dramatic results than the various tummy tucks, but has insignificant scarring and cost.

Patients need look no further for these procedures and many more than Pollard Plastic Surgery. Philadelphia and surrounds residents who are looking for exceptional and convenient cosmetic procedures should call for an appointment for a consultation.