Five Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) in Philadelphia, PAGetting a tummy tuck is no small procedure. Tummy tuck recovery is often more involved than patients anticipate. After a tummy tuck, patients are left wondering:

  • How do I sit or sleep?
  • How do I walk when I’m supposed to be bent over?
  • What do I do with the binder?
  • How do I go to the bathroom?

Dr. Pollard wanted to give you a list of five tips to help you with your tummy tuck recovery. Use this as your guide to help you have the most successful tummy tuck recovery with the best ultimate results.

1. Use a Walker or Cane

A tummy tuck will naturally put tension on the area where Dr. Pollard made her incision. You’ll generally feel straining around the incision area and where the abdominal muscles were tightened underneath the skin. This tension may make it hard for you to walk upright, and staying slightly bent at the waist will typically feel more comfortable. Consider using a walker or a cane for support while you’re bent over. While this isn’t completely necessary, patients typically find it easier to make their way around with the extra help.

2. Use Maxi Pads or Gauze

Sometimes wearing the binder can feel uncomfortable against your hip bones and your incision. While you should never touch your dressings without getting the OK from Dr. Pollard first, it is beneficial to keep 4×4 pads of gauze or maxi pads around to add a buffer and some padding between yourself and the binder. This extra padding typically makes the binder more comfortable for patients to wear during tummy tuck recovery.

3. Adjusting Your Binder

When tummy tuck incisions are low, the binder used after tummy tuck surgery will have to rest at the top of the hips. Because of this, it generally has the tendency to ride up or shift when you sit. You’ll want to make sure you’re regularly readjusting your binder into the correct position at the correct tightness. With a marker, place a mark at how tight you’re supposed to adjust it. This guarantees you’re making sure it’s at the right fit every time. Putting your binder on can also be made easier while reclining or in bed.

4. Get Some Compression Stockings

With any surgery, there’s always an opportunity for blood clotting issues. Dr. Pollard will provide you with a pair of knee-high compression stockings to reduce the chance of blood clots forming after tummy tuck surgery. While the stockings may not be the most comfortable things in the world, they will keep some of the swelling out of the legs and continue to reduce the chance for a blood clot while being worn.

5. Toilet Seat Booster

Generally, toilets are fairly low to the ground and we don’t realize this until some part of our legs, pelvis or core is sore. After a tummy tuck, getting low enough to sit down on the toilet can be difficult and uncomfortable. A toilet seat booster may just be your new best friend. This device can be purchased online and delivered to your home for your convenience. We guarantee this is one purchase that you won’t regret.

To learn more about recovering from a tummy tuck, contact us today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Emily Pollard.