Breast Augmentation Vs Breast Lift

Whether you are a warrior who has survived breast cancer or gravity has won the battle, you have come to the right place. Dr. Emily Pollard is an award-winning, board certified Philadelphia plastic surgeon. A woman’s breasts are a treasure of her heart and soul. Dr. Pollard understands this and she, along with her impeccable staff are here to guide you through the process of feeling whole and feminine once again.

Dr. Emily Pollard and her attentive staff can help you make the proper choice from the following two options.

Breast Augmentation

Maybe you desire a larger cup size, or you feel your breasts are not proportionate to your hips. Perhaps you aren’t pleased with the shape and volume of your breasts, or you’re suffering from loose skin. In cases like these, Dr. Pollard recommends breast augmentation.

Breast Lift

On the other hand, maybe you are very pleased with the shape and portion of your breasts. Maybe you love their size and don’t require a larger bust. The weight of bigger breasts, however, can cause them to sag over time. If your breasts appear deflated and sag, a breast lift is the procedure Dr. Pollard will recommend.

Plastic surgery goes much deeper than cosmetic changes. When you find a procedure that you’re comfortable with and follow through with the surgery, you will enjoy endless benefits – including a new, improved confidence that goes beyond physical image.

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