3 Things That You Can Do During This Time to Prepare for Surgery

Social distancing may have you feeling like your cosmetic goals can never be achieved, but this is actually an ideal opportunity to prepare for surgery. You can focus on yourself, and take steps that will help your body heal faster. By following a few steps, your recovery may be minimized, and your post-surgical symptoms may be less significant. The body relies on oxygen, healthy blood flow, nutrients, and recovery each day to heal properly.

Stay Physically Active

Keeping your body in good shape during social distancing promotes faster healing. After any type of surgery, your body uses a few mechanisms to heal the wounds. Blood clotting is the one that we are most familiar with, yet this is only the beginning. Your body delivers nutrients and oxygen to the area through the blood vessels. Exercising and staying active ensures that your body has a healthy volume of oxygen, and you also strengthen your blood vessels and circulatory system.

Eat Well

The nutrients that your body needs during those periods of healing come from the foods that you eat. Eating lower quality foods not only starves your body of key nutrients, but also burdens the body with removing unhealthy and harmful substances from the body. As you prepare for your surgery, eat a variety of foods, and avoid processed foods. The challenges in finding groceries right now may tempt you to settle for lower quality foods, but you should remain diligent and mindful about what you put into your body. You want to come out of the current challenges healthier.

Get Enough Quality Rest

Sleep is intended to give our bodies time to recover, heal, and recuperate after the energy that is expended during the day. Your mind also needs time to process the massive amount of information that you internalize. Stressors are high right now, but you need to find ways to get high-quality rest every night, and even take short power naps during the day. We recommend that you set a time every night when you will shut of the news on television and social media and do something that feels normal, relaxing, and peaceful. This is different for each person, but it may be reading, music, crafts, or meditation. The goal is to do something that completely engages your mind. Do this activity for at least one hour before going to bed.

Schedule a Virtual Consultation

Dr. Pollard and the staff of Pollard Plastic Surgery look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your cosmetic goals. A virtual consultation is an excellent way to focus on the future and beyond the current public health crisis. Just like a face-to-face consultation, our virtual consultation is when you can learn about the procedure and other tips for how to prepare for your surgery during social distancing. We can also share our plans going forward with how we will serve our patients as the COVID-19 crisis evolves.